Life is about decisions. It is also about doing the right thing at the appropriate moment. One bad or wrong decision could have serious implications down the line. A decision can also be wrong because it does not align with what your goals ultimately are or the values your business espouses. At Dingli & Dingli Law Firm we understand that having a valued and trusted partner providing you with honest and transparent advice to guide your decisions and actions may be the one difference between spending time building your business or spending time defending it. 

Hence, we we offer a service of preventative law whereby we assist you before making decisions, howsoever considerable or trivial you may consider such decision to be, such as reviewing agreements, assisting with strategy, advising on policies, create plans and assist in drafting processes, drafting and reviewing of agreements and giving all those legal services which would help you client avoid lawsuits and operate efficiently, thereby reducing legal and, ultimately, financial exposure as much as possible. We offer legal preventative services in all our practice areas. We also carry out legal risk management for companies and businesses with the aim of identifying any legal weaknesses and vulnerabilities and provide the appropriate, customised solution for such vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Together with you, we may determine your areas where you are most exposed, and we may provide bespoke legal services to minimise your risk and your exposure.

Our legal preventative practice ensures that all those policies, documents, agreements, decisions which would have been subject to our legal preventative would be fully aligned to bring you the highest possible return on and the least possible exposure to your business practices.

Lawyers are not only there to help you in times of crisis. Lawyers are also there to help you prevent entering any crisis in the first place.  Together we can strengthen your business.