We at Dingli & Dingli Law Firm know that sometimes things go wrong, that sometimes you must refer a dispute to litigation either because you want or because you have no choice.   In such instances, we are ready to advise you what would be in your best interests and our team of expert litigators would be at the forefront of your legal disputes to ensure that no stone is unturned.  Dingi & Dingl Law Firmi  have experienced litigators who have practised in Malta and in other jurisdictions around the world and who provide unparalled attention to detail and incisive legal action to bring the swiftest solution to your litigation needs. We offer litigation services in various legal fields including commercial, civil and property law, employment law, public procurement, data protection and GDPR, family law, criminal law, company law, aviation and shipping law, EU cross-border litigation and all other areas of litigation.

Criminal Litigation

At Dingli & Dingli Law Firm, we focus on delivering exceptional legal services for criminal litigation. As criminal defence counsel, we specialise in representing individuals facing criminal charges and play a crucial role in safeguarding the rights of the accused, providing legal advice, and devising defence strategies to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Our  expertise and advocacy skills are essential in protecting the rights and liberties of those accused of criminal offences.

Not only is our team ready to act as defence counsel, however we also assist in acting parte civile. Acting as parte civile lawyers involves representing victims in criminal proceedings by asserting their rights and seeking recourse as a result of crime. We play an active role in the criminal trial, supporting the victim's interests, assisting in prosecution, and ensuring that our client’s voice is heard throughout the legal process. By effectively advocating for the victim's rights, our team works to secure justice in the criminal sphere as well as civil financial redress for clients in the aftermath of criminal offences.

You can rely on us as your unwavering legal representatives during challenging times.

Arbitration and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are also highly experienced to represent your interests in any arbitration proceedings, both in Malta and abroad. We have expertise in the field of arbitration in all manners of  disputes and we would be happy to share with you our expertise in the field.

We also assist with the registration of foreign arbitration awards in Malta and with the registration of Maltese awards in other jurisdictions.