Intellectual Property

With an ever growing industry and technological developments throughout the last century, the fundamental notion of property has done away with its sole corporeal roots and has also branched to include and recognise the creations and inventions of the mind as tantamount to physical property. Therefore, intellectual property (IP) protection is fundamental in safeguarding and/or granting intellectual property rights (IPRs) to the creator and/or owner and thus making it possible to protect different aspects of businesses, spanning from the protection of brands, trade names and designs, to inventions. 

IP may be divided into two categories: the first consists of ‘industrial property’ which includes patents, trademarks, trade secrets, geographical indications and industrial designs. The second consists of ‘copyright’ which covers a broad spectrum ranging from artistic works; such as paintings and sculptures and literary works; including novels and works of poetry, as well as music and architectural designs amongst others.

Our firm is well equipped and specialised in this area of law to offer efficient and swift services ranging from general advice on all aspects of IP law from a Maltese and EU perspective, registrations of patents, designs and trademarks whether locally, at EU level, in the UK, the US and internationally; renewal of registered trademarks, patents and designs; liaison with IP Offices worldwide on any IP as well as representation of clients in cases of opposition or conflicts as necessary.


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