With the ongoing legislative developments aimed at following through the commitments made under the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability are at the forefront of corporate strategies. This move towards sustainability will inevitably benefit society, and positively affect companies’ future through healthy innovation, growth and boost in reputation. Yet, the need to integrate sustainable measures when conducting business has imposed a number of challenges on companies, which are now being faced with several regulatory compliance and reporting obligations. 

Dingli & Dingli Law Firm ensures that it keeps up with these rapid changes by actively monitoring the local context and participating in ongoing discussions. Its dedicated team assists clients in navigating ESG and sustainable matters, including the development of ESG policies tailored for the client business concerned, advising on the tax incentives and grants available for businesses to introduce, incorporate and implement ESG friendly principles into their business culture and structures. In particular, our Firm has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise on the EU Emissions Trading System following the coming into effect of the EU ETS Directive including but not limited to the opening of both trading and holding accounts with the Maltese Registry as well as with the obtaining of the requisite investment services licenses to trade in such allowances.