Record Number of Vessel and Aircrafts Registered in 2015

During 2015 the Maltese Merchant Shipping Directorate recorded the 7,249th vessel on its books representing a 14.3% increase over the previous year and a total gross tonnage of 66.2 million, 8.3 million more compared to the previous year. This has confirmed Malta’s role as Europe’s largest register and sixth in the world.

The superyacht Registry also recorded an 11 per cent increase of vessels over 24 metres in length, bringing the number of super yachts flying the Maltese flag to 501, recording a 10.8% increase over the previous year.

The average age of vessels registered during 2015 was 6.7 years. This helps the average age of all the vessels flying the Malta Flag down to 12 years.

2015 represented a successful year also for the sister aviation industry marking an increase of aircrafts flying its flag to quota 213, of which 61 were new entries consisting mainly of business jets.

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